reiki kansas cityReiki is a system of natural energetic healing. I have been a certified Reiki master for nearly a decade, and many of my clients have benefited from this type of therapy. Reiki tends to draw on the body’s natural, innate healing abilities. Reiki is very useful in spiritual and emotional well-being. This is a wonderful modality for healing from grief, abuse or addictions. It is also great for clearing chakras.

  • Reiki session: Performed clothed and on the massage table with a light touch. ($52)
  • Reiki training: As a Reiki Master, I enjoy teaching Reiki to others. Anyone can learn to do Reiki. Use this for your own benefit or to help others.  If interested in learning, please contact me for more information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me about the services I offer. You can also fill out the information form on this website, or simply make an appointment for whichever service seems to best fit your current needs and lifestyle.

I also offer packages of most of my services.  Buy 4 services at a 12% overall discount, or 7 services at a 14% overall discount up front and save money on each service. You will also have a better incentive to keep this as a part of your health routine.