harmony health massage kansas city

I view massage not as a luxury, but as an essential tool for keeping your body healthy. Think of it the same way you would as providing basic maintenance on your car or mowing your lawn to keep your grass in good physical shape. In addition to the physical benefits, massage helps to keep your mind and spirit healthy and functioning at peak performance.

I offer Integrative techniques for table massage, as well as less traditional styles, like reflexology and Ayurvedic seated massage. I tailor my massages to my clients’ specific needs. My long-term clients will tell you I’m very familiar with their particular physical individual traits. I have clients who I know had a hip injury or car accident in the past. I know which clients have acute injuries and which ones have long-term, chronic issues. I’m able to adapt my massage to your exclusive needs.

  • Table massages: Gentle or deep, tailored to your needs. Provided in 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions. ($40, $55, $70, $85 and $95 respectively)
  • Reflexology: Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person’s general health. ($55)
  • Ayurvedic seated massage: A deeply relaxing massage performed while fully clothed and seated in a chair. This massage targets the neck and shoulders, arms and hands, and scalp and face in a 30 or 45 minute session. ($35 or $45)
  • Chair massage:  Offered as an out-call service to businesses, corporations or for special events. This service is performed with the client seated fully clothed on a massage chair, normally lasts 10-15 minutes, and focuses primarily on the upper body. Please call or email for more information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me about the services I offer. You can also fill out the information form on this website, or simply make an appointment for whichever service seems to best fit your current needs and lifestyle.

I also offer packages for most of my services.  Buy 4 services at a 12% overall discount, or 7 services at a 14% overall discount up front and save money on each service. You will also have a better incentive to keep this as a part of your health routine.